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familiar with the operation of transmission media

I have engaged in warehouse management for 10 years, including more than 5 years experience in foreign wholesale warehouse management, http://www.3g.co.uk/3GForum
warehouse management has a unique perspective and deep understanding.Polo Lacoste
Have a good team-building experience of cooperation in the work ahead to motivate staff, communication and coordination ability. Familiar with ISO and 5S management, achieved ISO9001: 2008 Internal Auditor certificate, master ERP and office software.Work: do not made ??the best, just better;
I believe: as long as willing to pay, there will be harvest.
Give me a stage, but also you a wonderfulSome Ideas To Personalize Your Wedding !In July 2008 August and 2009 July-August in Xuzhou City, Xin Yi translation company translation work as a network;
August in July 2010 in Xuzhou City Newtime studio as assistant manager positions;
Since March 2011 at Generalaty Ltd.Co. (Jiena Rui Technology Co., Ltd.) as the translation of the post.Self-evaluation:
I am hard working, cheerful, attentive, energetic, warm, sincere. Strong adaptability and learning ability, maintain a strong interest in the English language. Serious and responsible work, initiative,http://www.loveradio.ru/lrforum
strong organizational ability, practical ability and teamwork spirit, able to quickly adapt to the environment, Perfect Wedding Dresses and integrated into it.1 with four and half years experience in media relations and middle management, familiar with the operation of transmission media and public relations;(http://forum.future-internet.eu
2) with two years of international business communication and marketing experience, one year of overseas work experience, has been involved in large-scale public relations planning and implementation of exhibition activities;polo Ralph Lauren
3 in the English planning, writing ability and excellent verbal skills, communication and coordination of response and strong organizational skills;
4 sense of teamwork and strong sense of responsibility, meticulous and pragmatic work style.

Dedicated and focused

? A highly organized and detail-oriented Executive Assistant & Office Management with over 10 years' experience providing thorough and skillful administrative support to senior executives.
? Dedicated and focused; able to prioritize and complete multiple tasks and follow through to achieve project goals.? Business management Polo Burberry
skills include purchasing, inventory control, workflow coordination, and process improvement with an emphasis on cost-saving and efficiency.Good knowledge and hands-on design expertise allows me the ability to work well at this stage of competence, while letting the work at this stage I've learned a lot about the design of practical experience, as well as the use Choose A Wedding Florist of test equipment and test method (network analysis analyzer, spectrum analyzers, VSA, etc.), which is my future career of great help, I would like to believe I am capable to provide your company's position.rofessional skills and expertise
Tool experience: the spectrum analyzer, http://www.americancomm.org/interactivenetwork analyzer, IQview, VSA, oscilloscope, ESG, Power Meter and other equipment have experiencehttp://www.webmasterforums.net
. Of Protel, orCAD, powerPCB have some experience.Training: During the tenure foxconn participate 6sigma yellow belt training, Design Guideline training;
Another company has participated in seminars organized by technology, such as telecommunications product development trends, benefit from. National Certificate in Computer two (Language C).Has six years experience in professional recruitment services, specializes in the recruitment of senior personnel in the IT communications and electrical and electronic manufacturing has accumulated a wealth of human resources.
? familiar with recruitment processes and interview skills, able to accurately grasp the needs of employers and job characteristics of the customer, Save on Your Wedding-Part as customers look for the right people in time.? understand the quality of the model, structured interviews and STAR skills.Polo Tommy
? love of human resources.? a high degree of responsibility and a strong sense of customer service.? Good comhttp://forum.kontraband.com
munication skills and teamspirit.? Excellent professional conduct and professional ethics.? virtuous, honest, reliable, practicl and stable, rigorous and pragmatic, patient and meticulous, and principled.? proficiency in English listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation capabilities.
? computer skills, such as Word, Excel, PPT, Outlook, Internet and so on.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chemical background and technical knowledgecheap prom dresses cheap wedding gowns chi flat iron chi hair straightener cheap nike shoes

1.Chemical background and technical knowledge
2.Experience in handling technical service and applicaion area.
3.two years above working in foreign company.
4.familar with water treatment chi hair straightenerespecially ion exchang resin.
5.good spoken and listening English.cheap wedding gowns
Career Objective:chi flat iron
I would like to do the job as technical service ,surport for sale or customer clerker which could challenge myselfcheap prom dresses and under pressure.familiar with Alkyd,Epoxy,Polyurethane,Acrylic PVDF
Experience in equipment analysis in paint copmanycheap nike shoes
candidate must be fluent in written and spoken English and Mandarin and have good communication skill and team worker
northface jackets

Love sales work,and can provide basic technical service

More than 10 years hand on experience for auto—controled equipment maintenance experience plus 4 years engineering and maintenance cheap authentic nfl jerseysmanager role. Very familiar with equipment automatic control systemnike trainer like PLC control, frequency driver control, bus system, Human machine interface etc. Well know equipment documents to meet TS16949 requirement like preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance system, trace and control unscheduled downtime, spare parts inventory control, technical documents managem 1)Majored in applied chemistry as a bachelor of science;nike shox
2)1-year sales experience on resins and additives of UV/EB coat and ink;
3)Responsible for Sartomer's products in Zhejiang and Jiangsu;
4)Responsible for thejerseys monster water-based UV resins of Alberdingk in East China;
5)Love sales work,and can provide basic technical service.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Types of tax pros

If a tax professional is appropriate,Come to where the flavor is then you must decide which type of pro to hire. There are different types with differing experience levels. Some meet stringent professional requirements; others have minimal accreditation. Below are some of the more common choices when hiring tax-filing help.Franchise tax service: National tax preparation chains, such as H&R Block andthe future is always color Jackson Hewitt, do a booming business. And for many, the companies are a good choice. The tax preparers get some training on the most common tax situations and use software that helps ensure major questions and situations are addressed. If your return is not thatAsk for more complicated, this could be an appropriate, and relatively inexpensive, tax pro choice.Enrolled Agent: An Enrolled Agent, or EA, must pass an IRS-administered exam. ManyIntelligence everywhere are former IRS employees. In addition to meeting a federal certification standard, an EA can represent you before the IRS if the agency has any questions about yourA diffirent moment return; attorneys and CPAs also are able to provide this service. The National Association of Enrolled Agents provides an online search tool at its Web site to help you find an EA in your area.
Certified public accountant: A certified public accountant, or CPA, must pass a state's qualifying exam for accounting. However, not all CPAs specialize in taxation, so double check before you hire one. If the CPA does, he or she can help you design a comprehensive tax plan, a service that's especially welcome if your financial and tax situations are more complex. As with an EA and attorney, a CPA can represent you before the IRS.Tax attorney: A tax attorney has received extensive training and is required to complete continuing education courses. This usually is the choice of taxpayers who have very complex tax considerations, such as business ownership, estate planning issues or who are interested in sheltering income. Many tax attorneys specialize in specific areas, so check to make sure the one you select addresses your tax issues. Also be prepared to pay substantially more for help from these tax pros.
Tax filing and planning is a unique exercise for each taxpayer. You have many options, so carefully assess your personal situation and consider just how much tax help you want or need in deciding which tax professional to hire.
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Open Thread: Game 9 (Oakland Athletics at Seattle Mariners)

Brett Anderson and the A's attempt kneel only to Godto further their red-hot start tonight as they face off against Doug Fister and the Seattle Mariners. Interestingly, we had this same pitching matchup five days ago in Oakland. Anderson emerged as the victor, scattering three hits over six innings. Fister was less successful, allowing two runs in his six innings, along with three walks put all this behind us
Former Oakland Athletic and apparent all-around good guy Mike Sweeney is in the lineup for the M's tonight. Adam Rosales is again filling in for 2B Mark Ellis, as Ellis is out for a couple days with a sore left hamstring. And fretShe is the love of my life not, those worrying about Eric Chavez's health. He's healthy and in the lineup tonight as the DH.You know what's great? As of this writing, the A's have the best it's your turnrecord in the American League. With a win tonight, they can pull ahead of Detroit (after their win earlier today, they're 6-2) and Minnesota (off today, already 6-2) to take sole possession of first place. And believe it or not, we already have a four game lead over both ALWork will save you West favorites, Seattle and Los Angeles.Brett Anderson and the A's attempt to further their red-hot start tonight as they face off against Doug Fister and the Seattle Mariners. Interestingly, we had this same pitching matchup five days ago in Oakland. Anderson emerged as the victor, scattering three hits over six innings. Fister was less successful, allowing two runs in his six innings, along with three walksFormer Oakland Athletic and apparent all-around good guy Mike Sweeney is in the lineup for the M's tonight. Adam Rosales is again filling in for 2B Mark Ellis, as Ellis is out for a couple days with a sore left hamstring. And fret not, those worrying about Eric Chavez's health. He's healthy and in the lineup tonight as the DH.


PhD in Industrial Engineering, hot women's dressesspecialized in Operations Management, University of Washington, USA
? Extensive knowledge in Manufacturing, Production Control, Engineering, Lean, Quality Management, and Optimization.hot women's dresses shop 4u blog for shirtsshop 4u blog for shirts

? Rich experience in both capital and labor intensive manufacturing environment.
CORE COMPETENCES? Lean Manufacturing: Pull Production Scheduling & Kanban, Pull Push Mixture Production, WIP and TPT Control, Total Proactive Maintenance, Lean Enterprise Implementation. ? Value Steam Management & Waste Elimination: Process analysis mapping, Production variety funnel, Supply chain response matrix, Quality filer mapping, Demand amplification, and Decision point analysis. cheap polo shirtscheap polo shirts
? Supply Chain Management: Purchasing and Procurement Management, Inventory Control (Demand Forecasting, Safety Stock, Order Quantity, ROP), MRP, DRP, Storage Selection, Location Planning, Transportation Strategy (Method Selection, Vehicle Routing), Supply Chain Control& Monitor, Supply Chain Performance Evaluation. ? Project Management: Project Initiation, Selection (DCF), Planning (WBS), Critical Path Seeking & Cost Minimization, Risk Management & Uncertainty. ? Facility Planning: Flow work Design, Space Allocation, Handling System Design, Bottleneck Identification, Capacity and Capitol Investment Planning, Cell Formation, Plant Layout? Six Sigma: Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified by Intel and Delphi, DMAIC for the existing process, DFSS for the new process, Statistical Process Control, Design of Experiments, Total Quality Management and FMEA. ? Data Modeling & Mining: Regression Model, Sensitivity/discriminant Analysis, Multivariate Data Control, Decision Trees Analysis, Time Series Forecasting and Classification & Clustering Analysis.? Financial Analysis: balance sheets, income statement, cash flow and other financial reports reading and analysis? Risk Management: Mean & Variance Optimization (Efficient Frontier), Active Return Management & Risk Control? Computer Skills: SAP, Mathematica, Matlab, MS Office, Minitab, JMP, SQL, S-Plus. ? Languages: Fluency in English.
EDUCATION? PHD (Doctor of Philosophy) in Industrial Engineering, University of Washington, USA, 06/2005? MS (Master of Science) in Industrial Engineering, University of Washington, USA, 12/2003? Graduate Certificate in Global Trade, Transportation and Logistics, University of Washington, USA, 06/2004? ME (Master of Engineering) in Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, Shanghai University, China, 07/2001
? BE (Bachelor of Engineering) in Industrial Engineering, Shanghai University, China, 07/1999