Sunday, March 14, 2010

current researches

The status of current researches in terms of domestic and foreign handover technology based on the MAC layer in WLAN are analyzed and summarized. It is the brief introduction and evaluation of the selective scan algorithm (including Neighbor Graph algorithm, WSN algorithm), advanced scan algorithm, the authentication stage algorithm (including FHR prediction algorithm, Orientation algorithm, Neighbor Graph authentication algorithm), reassociation stage algorithm (including prediction algorithm, Neighbor Graph reassociation algorithm) and so on. The complete handover process is included three stages: channel scan, authentication and reassociation. especially the delay time of scan stage is about 90%, but authentication and reassociation are short, and it is compared with the WLAN and GSM's handover problems.2. Those algorithms concerning the various stages in the handover process based on neighbor graph technology are in summary unified for the Neighbor Graph algorithm series (NGAS), and is proposed to the technology synthetic unity to NGAS.3. The Mobile Station Orientation algorithm based on NG (MSO) is proposed in this dissertation, which is a quasi-minimum time delay's algorithm. According to apply to various users in WLAN environment with different density, structure and layout, three mechanisms to achieve the program are proposed, including selelcting the target AP based on the distance among neighbor APs, selelcting the target AP based on the movement direction and selelcting the target AP based on QoS protection.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Ikon FX

Organize meetings that General Manager attends;Arrange General Manager’s business trip and staff yearly travel;Follow up program completing progress according to cheap polo shirts’s instruction;Keep the company official stamp, legal representative seal and contract seal;Manage stationery of ralph lauren polo shirts Office.

President Assistant:Report to the President about each cash requirement; record each income and expense that approved by the President; check or verify the cash flow with the cheap ralph lauren polo shirts on a monthly basis;Be responsible for President Office related translations: verbal and written;Arrange internal meetings, meetings with customer or partner, and telephone conference or video conference that the President will be present;Pre-screen phone call, letter and email for the President and assist to reply;Book flight ticket and hotel for President’s business trip;Plan visiting schedule for foreign visitors came from partner; Manage President Office files, e-documents and stationery;Liaison Officer of Core Business Department:Make client contract;Contact with US head office on operation procedures that related to both US and Core Business Department in Beijing: email customer signed contract to US, urge them to finish examination and complete the company stamp part, then return company stamped contract to IB Manager;Complete the contract statistic statement and report to the President;Customer Information Management Officer:Collect and collate customer information that accumulated from the beginning of the company: include information come from both abandoned and redesigned company websites, Shenzhen Customer Service Department, IB Managers and so on;Record new website registered clients into database;Receive letters from IB Managers and Shenzhen Customer Service about information of newly open account customers, and record customer information into database;Distribute new website clients to IB Managers to follow;Summarize new client follow up status that received from each IB Manager, and report to the President on a weekly basis.
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Arbor China

1、Work closely with consulting services polo shirts2、Support project delivery and executive 3、Coordinate regular onsite plan, timesheet and milestone report submission ,sign-off ,collection 4、Translation of project documents if needed 5、Provide trouble shooting or solving ralph lauren polo shirts to project teammembers 6、Track respond and follow-up results of business activities requested by Project Manager or Program Executive 7、Schedule internal or cheap ralph lauren polo shirts/events, and arrange proper facilities。
1.Strong communications and interpersonal skills 2. Good command of English both in writing and speaking 3. Fast response and pro-active working attitude 4. Familiar with MS office tools including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and auto CAD 5. Especially be interest in Pingpong
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vagrant of the world

Zhangzhou Cereals, Oils Textile Co., Ltd.

1. Under the leadership of the manager is responsible for the overall work of the Office of the efforts to prepare managers, consultants and assistants, played the role of nexus and seriously to achieve full-service. 2. In the Office Manager is responsible for specific chi hair straightener under the leadership of the layout, implementation, inspection, supervision, and implementation of implementation. 3. Good manager, office meetings and other meetings of the organization and of the chi straightener. 4. Doing business inside and outside the paper issuance, registration, transfer, archiving, filing information management. 5. Is responsible for processing documents within and outside the enterprise to address the issues visit, timely processing, reporting.Every day i try me best to do my chi straighteners ,but it is a great pity that i can not use my major during my work i want to change in to let my konwledge realize its value.
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dalian hehe international trade company

Good team playerFluent English in communication Excellent computer skill in Microsoft Word, Excel etc.Familiar with Administration process of Commercial/northface outlet/Labour official departmentCompetent for Finance, Share/Fund, Office Administration, Accounting and Trading work.
I am a positive person. I would like to treat everything enthusiastically, I think. I do not like to have northface outlet halfdone .because it makes me nevous, I can not cancertrate on anything else until the first thing finished .I like this sentanse very "do not put off what you can do till tomorrow ." 1,It is responsible for the overall work of the office, including management, working part of the communication, and personnel. 2, familiar with import trade flow, is responsible for doing a good job with the cheap northface jackets company, customs clearance, warehouse management department and other city vehicles in various departmental liaison work to ensure the smooth importation of goods. 3, responsible for the planning of promotional advertising, website maintenance and so on.
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Friday, March 5, 2010

Bombardier China

Roles:Incident/Change/Process/ServiceDesk Manager of Bombardier China north face jackets Helpdesk Project;Project Support Principal of Heidelberg IT Helpdesk Project;Service Desk Manager of kaufland China Helpdesk Project. Responsibility:Roll-out and manage the project, design & build up and manage processes (Processes including: Incident management, Change management, Configuration Management, Continuity Management etc...), guide and ensure the team follow all the relevant cheap north face jackets process and technique to run projects; plan for entire project operation and manage the Service desk service providing, communicate with different departments and northface jackets, ensure the project running follow the company policies, train employees, monitor the whole process and support of the project running, identify best practices, establish the standard and focus on KPI, keep improving the process and service quality, ensure to provide excellent IT service to our customer.