Tuesday, May 18, 2010


PhD in Industrial Engineering, hot women's dressesspecialized in Operations Management, University of Washington, USA
? Extensive knowledge in Manufacturing, Production Control, Engineering, Lean, Quality Management, and Optimization.hot women's dresses shop 4u blog for shirtsshop 4u blog for shirts

? Rich experience in both capital and labor intensive manufacturing environment.
CORE COMPETENCES? Lean Manufacturing: Pull Production Scheduling & Kanban, Pull Push Mixture Production, WIP and TPT Control, Total Proactive Maintenance, Lean Enterprise Implementation. ? Value Steam Management & Waste Elimination: Process analysis mapping, Production variety funnel, Supply chain response matrix, Quality filer mapping, Demand amplification, and Decision point analysis. cheap polo shirtscheap polo shirts
? Supply Chain Management: Purchasing and Procurement Management, Inventory Control (Demand Forecasting, Safety Stock, Order Quantity, ROP), MRP, DRP, Storage Selection, Location Planning, Transportation Strategy (Method Selection, Vehicle Routing), Supply Chain Control& Monitor, Supply Chain Performance Evaluation. ? Project Management: Project Initiation, Selection (DCF), Planning (WBS), Critical Path Seeking & Cost Minimization, Risk Management & Uncertainty. ? Facility Planning: Flow work Design, Space Allocation, Handling System Design, Bottleneck Identification, Capacity and Capitol Investment Planning, Cell Formation, Plant Layout? Six Sigma: Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified by Intel and Delphi, DMAIC for the existing process, DFSS for the new process, Statistical Process Control, Design of Experiments, Total Quality Management and FMEA. ? Data Modeling & Mining: Regression Model, Sensitivity/discriminant Analysis, Multivariate Data Control, Decision Trees Analysis, Time Series Forecasting and Classification & Clustering Analysis.? Financial Analysis: balance sheets, income statement, cash flow and other financial reports reading and analysis? Risk Management: Mean & Variance Optimization (Efficient Frontier), Active Return Management & Risk Control? Computer Skills: SAP, Mathematica, Matlab, MS Office, Minitab, JMP, SQL, S-Plus. ? Languages: Fluency in English.
EDUCATION? PHD (Doctor of Philosophy) in Industrial Engineering, University of Washington, USA, 06/2005? MS (Master of Science) in Industrial Engineering, University of Washington, USA, 12/2003? Graduate Certificate in Global Trade, Transportation and Logistics, University of Washington, USA, 06/2004? ME (Master of Engineering) in Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, Shanghai University, China, 07/2001
? BE (Bachelor of Engineering) in Industrial Engineering, Shanghai University, China, 07/1999

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