Tuesday, January 31, 2012

familiar with the operation of transmission media

I have engaged in warehouse management for 10 years, including more than 5 years experience in foreign wholesale warehouse management, http://www.3g.co.uk/3GForum
warehouse management has a unique perspective and deep understanding.Polo Lacoste
Have a good team-building experience of cooperation in the work ahead to motivate staff, communication and coordination ability. Familiar with ISO and 5S management, achieved ISO9001: 2008 Internal Auditor certificate, master ERP and office software.Work: do not made ??the best, just better;
I believe: as long as willing to pay, there will be harvest.
Give me a stage, but also you a wonderfulSome Ideas To Personalize Your Wedding !In July 2008 August and 2009 July-August in Xuzhou City, Xin Yi translation company translation work as a network;
August in July 2010 in Xuzhou City Newtime studio as assistant manager positions;
Since March 2011 at Generalaty Ltd.Co. (Jiena Rui Technology Co., Ltd.) as the translation of the post.Self-evaluation:
I am hard working, cheerful, attentive, energetic, warm, sincere. Strong adaptability and learning ability, maintain a strong interest in the English language. Serious and responsible work, initiative,http://www.loveradio.ru/lrforum
strong organizational ability, practical ability and teamwork spirit, able to quickly adapt to the environment, Perfect Wedding Dresses and integrated into it.1 with four and half years experience in media relations and middle management, familiar with the operation of transmission media and public relations;(http://forum.future-internet.eu
2) with two years of international business communication and marketing experience, one year of overseas work experience, has been involved in large-scale public relations planning and implementation of exhibition activities;polo Ralph Lauren
3 in the English planning, writing ability and excellent verbal skills, communication and coordination of response and strong organizational skills;
4 sense of teamwork and strong sense of responsibility, meticulous and pragmatic work style.

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